Can You Remodel a Kitchen for $5k?

Can You Remodel A Kitchen for 5000 dollars?

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It’s a well-known fact that remodels are expensive—so what is the deal behind a $5000 remodel?

No one knows better than a general contractor just how much a kitchen remodel can cost. The range on this particular expense is wide, and it is big enough for a lot of homeowners to wonder about the costs behind the scenes—and what is really possible. Lately, people have been speculating about a $5000 kitchen remodel, so we decided to look into it for you.

“I heard online that people are remodeling their kitchens for $5000. What’s that all about?”

“People are always finding new ways to get what they want on a budget. Let’s discuss the reality of this decision.”

Remodels are very expensive, and we have discussed just how much goes into them. There is a need for a lot of expertise, materials, shipping costs—and there is a lot more to consider. With all of these factors, you might think that a $5000 remodel is completely impossible. Let’s find out together.

Define a Remodel

Define a Remodel

Before we can apply a proper value to a remodel, we have to consider what a remodel really means. In this case, we consider a remodel to be any instance where you are changing the cosmetics or general structure of an area. For a kitchen remodel, this idea is applied specifically to the kitchen. 

“Remodel” is a Broad Term

Fortunately, with such a broad definition, it is fairly easy to fit into this box. A lot of different things can qualify as a remodel, and most homeowners don’t realize how much a simple change can really alter their kitchen for the better. Given this, it does seem fairly possible that a remodel can fit into a $5000 budget—or at least something that qualifies as a remodel will. The question is: can you really do it, and what does it look like?

“The definition leaves a lot of room open to decide what constitutes as an actual remodel.”

“This is true—but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a more traditional remodel at this price point.”

Can You Do a Remodel for $5000?

The internet is full of people who really want to break the mold in a lot of ways. We are all aware that there are countless people online trying to sell us new hacks and ways to get what we want for less—and this can be a really great thing. Using this kind of approach and having the right information can empower you to take on a task like this, at least in theory.

Yes, But There Will Be Limitations

The straight answer is that you can definitely do something in your home that is considered a remodel for this amount of money. Like we discussed, the definition is fairly loose. Knowing this, it seems very likely that you can remodel your home’s kitchen on this budget, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Setting the budget this low means that there will be some serious limitations to deal with. At $5000, you really can’t go the professional route.

“By limiting the budget, I’m limiting the overall project?”

“Yes, that is how it works. Any time that we cut down on costs, we limit the final product.”

You Will Need to Do the Work Yourself

The first consideration for your $5000 remodel is the fact that you will need to do all—or at least the majority—of the work yourself. This can be a big pill to swallow for homeowners. These days, we live in a huge DIY culture, and that is a pretty great thing most of the time, especially when you want to learn how to do something yourself.

“I have to do ALL of the work myself? That seems like a lot.”

“It is, but you might be surprised to learn what you are capable of.”

There are countless resources online that can teach you how to handle certain tasks pertaining to remodeling. With that being said, you do open yourself up to some additional risk when you take this route. Further, you will be taking on a lot more work than you would if you simply paid someone to complete the task for you. Any job that is above your skillset will likely yield results that demonstrate a lack of proficiency, and that can compromise the quality of your remodel as well.

The Materials Can Meet the Budget

A significant part of the costs associated with a kitchen remodel are related to the materials—but we actually have some good news here. You can get some fairly decent resources and materials that come in under $5000. Of course, you will drastically limit the kind of materials that you can choose from. Anything high-end will immediately blow your budget out of the water. Still, there are quality materials available that won’t cost the whole budget!

“Can we really buy materials for less than $5000? How does that break down?”

“It can be done, but you will spend a lot of time choosing materials that keep you on budget.”

Ways to Have That $5000 Remodel

Now that we know a $5000 remodel is possible, we have to look at what that actually looks like. How significant of a remodel can you manage with this budgetary limitation—or the limitations on your skills? The fact is that this remodel won’t be easy, and it will require quite a bit of research and some difficult decision making. Let’s explore some of the best ways to remodel at this price point.

Light Fixtures

Trying to explain the significance of light fixtures in a home always feels a bit silly, but it is one change that can immediately transform your space. The best part? It is surprisingly inexpensive.

“Are lights really that big of a change?”

“You would be amazed by what changes occur when we add more lights or change the coloring a little bit!”

We won’t tell you that all light fixtures are cheap—they aren’t—but that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. You can find quality light fixtures and change the lightbulbs in your home to reveal a much better space. Our lights can completely change the way that a room looks, and kitchens are a great space to add more lights so you can see while you cook.

Plumbing Fixtures

Most homeowners don’t go looking at plumbing fixtures unless one of them breaks in the home, but for your $5000 remodel, they should absolutely be considered. Plumbing fixtures can add a lot aesthetically to a space, and they are surprisingly cost-effective as well. Even better, a lot of them are fairly simple to install.


Cabinets are one area where you will need to be careful while working on your remodel. This is one of those areas where homeowners can jump their budget in a huge way—and not for the better. The truth is that cabinets can be very expensive, and that means you need to know where to shop.

“Cabinets have to be expensive, right? They’re so big.”

“Sometimes. The pricing can vary depending on the design cost, the amount of cabinetry that you need, and the materials involved.”

The good news is that places like IKEA make it fairly simple to get cost-effective cabinetry. These will not be the highest quality cabinets around, but they can work—and a lot of them look very nice as well. You really don’t need handcrafted wooden cabinets to upgrade your kitchen. Sometimes, a budget-friendly option is the right choice.

Solid Surface and Stone

The solid surfaces in your kitchen can be quite an expensive investment, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be. In fact, homeowners can get everything that they need by looking into liquidators. These groups sell what we know as prefabricated stone, and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to add new solid surfaces to your kitchen in a simple way.

“I assumed that we would be stuck with our old counters for life—but it looks like there are some great options!”

“Yep, there are some amazing deals if you know where to look. Remember to do a lot of research and compare prices to find a better deal.”

These pieces of stone are created using universal dimensions the majority of the time, which means that they are surprisingly easy to apply—even without experience. With these pieces and a little research, you will find that adding new stone counters isn’t all that difficult. These might not be the fanciest options, but they will look nice and can be installed by most people.


A good backsplash is a crucial part of any kitchen remodel, and that is good news for you. Installing a backsplash is a simple process, and you can find some pretty great options for a good price. Appealing backsplash material can be purchased for less than $400, and installation is a task that can be learned with the right resources.


Though we all want a kitchen that looks nice, the real magic of a remodel is receiving a kitchen that feels nice. For your $5000 remodel, hardware upgrades can be a great point of focus. 

“Okay, these soft close hinges and gliding doors are game-changers.”

“And they are cost-effective!”

Replacing knobs, adding door glides, or installing soft close hinges can all change the way that you run your kitchen. It makes the experience easier and more pleasant, and it is one change that you will never get tired of. If anything, installing hardware like this can ruin other kitchens for you. Fortunately, these upgrades can also be made for a surprisingly small price. 


When it comes to home remodels, homeowners tend to romanticize the painting part—and we get that. Painting is fun. There are all of those movie scenes where people are rolling paint on the walls and having a good time, but painting in the kitchen can be tricky.

“I’ve got my paint roller, and I am ready to paint these cabinets!”

“Put down the roller.”

“What? But I—”


Every once in a while, a homeowner will get a terrible idea. They will look at their cabinets and think that they can simply repaint them. You cannot. You should not. If you do it, we will personally show up at your house to criticize your decision (okay, maybe not). But, you should strongly consider simply working with a professional instead of trying this yourself.

As silly as it might seem, painting cabinets is a fine art. You cannot paint cabinets with a roller or a basic approach to painting. If you do, they will likely look terrible—and more importantly, they will probably not last. 

If you absolutely want to commit to painting your cabinets, go to Home Depot to buy the Wagner HVLP sprayer, find a YouTube channel to teach you how to properly paint cabinets, and practice on furniture that is not your cabinets first.


With kitchen remodels, most homeowners want to improve the quality of the appliances in their kitchen as well. Appliances play a huge role in our daily kitchen operations, so wanting new ones makes sense—but there are some limitations.

“Surely appliances are impossible to get at this price range?”

“You can definitely find appliances that fit this price point, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get them right now…”

Generally, we avoid limiting our content by date, but it has to be said that, right now in 2022, getting cheap appliances is really hard. The orders for these appliances are taking a long time to fulfill, with a lot of the appliances just floating out in the middle of the ocean. So, expect to be patient if you invest in new appliances.

If you can, look for a good cheap appliance set with a warranty that will protect your investment for years to come.

The Takeaway

A $5000 remodel might not be the standard, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and your general list of construction skills, this kind of remodel might be a wonderful opportunity to save money and improve your space at the same time. Of course, if you are looking for more of a professional touch, you know who to call!

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