Why We Choose Buildertrend for Our Projects


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At KHB Construction, we like to bring our clients the best possible experience, and as times change, our processes change as well. A major opportunity for innovation within the construction space involves certain systems and technology which can help us to perform better and offer you even more—and one of the more recent innovations that we have taken on is the use of Buildertrend, a construction management software that empowers us to stay organized, communicate clearly, and have a stronger relationship with our clients.

“So, now that the project is starting, do we just have to sit back and wait for our renovation to be done?”

“You can if you want to, but we would prefer that you be more involved. Let us introduce you to Buildertrend, our construction management system and client communication portal!”

What is Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is a construction management system that has been made specifically for our industry. Renovations often have a lot of moving parts with some requiring input from different teams, concise scheduling, and several different product purchases. Buildertrend helps us to take better control of our projects in order to ensure that our clients always receive a timely renovation that matches exactly what they are looking for.

In many ways, Buildertrend is a hub for every project that we work on. It is a central point where we can come together to track all of the moving parts that are associated with each project. Accessible by our team and you as the homeowner, Buildertrend lets us all stay on the same page.

What Does Buildertrend Offer Homeowners?

The real power of Buildertrend is that it offers benefits for both homeowners and construction teams. For homeowners, Buildertrend can be a tremendous comfort—and that is something that we hear a lot. People are often glad to log in and see what they can learn. Let’s explore what it can offer you during the renovation process.

“So Buildertrend is how you manage the renovation?”

“Yes, but it is also how we can keep you involved. Let’s talk through it.”

A Transparent Experience

Our team believes wholeheartedly in transparency, especially because of the kind of work that we do. While everyone loves a renovated home, not everyone loves the actual construction process or having strangers in their house. We completely understand this. Fortunately, the transparency offered by Buildertrend can help with this.

“I want to know more about our renovation, but I don’t want to interrupt the team.”

“Why don’t we sign into Buildertrend and see what we can learn?”

Since Buildertrend offers a centralized portal for homeowners and construction teams, there is significantly more transparency when you work with us. Instead of waiting on information or having to ask us for it, you can log in and see how the process is going all on your own. You will clearly be able to see everything associated with the project and its progress.

Access to Real-Time Updates

Within this transparency, there is a distinct advantage when it comes to updates. We like to consistently offer updates and tracking, and we do this by entering them into Buildertrend. This means that any time of day, rain or shine, you can log in and see what is going on with your renovation project. It is a wonderful opportunity to stay up to date on the project and its progress.

“The new floor is officially complete and safe to walk on—they left us a note in the system!”

While we are perfectly nice people, we know that you probably don’t want to hop on the phone for a call to receive updates every single day. Sometimes you want to know how things are going, and the first opportunity that you get doesn’t come until ten o’clock at night when you are not in the mood to chat. With Buildertrend, you don’t have to worry. Your updates are just one login away. 

An Opportunity to Provide Feedback

Feedback is a big part of the renovation process. While we absolutely want you to love everything that we do, we know that sometimes you might want to drop us a note pertaining to the process or ask a question about something that we are doing. Buildertrend offers a clear and approachable space to communicate with us on your own time.

“The noise levels have been kind of high lately.”

“Maybe we should use Buildertrend to ask them how long this phase will be?”

“Great idea!”

Within the system, there are clear areas where you can reach out to us. This means that you can drop us a note over your morning coffee or on a lunch break at work. Since the portal can be accessed at any point in time, you can send us a note even if you’re traveling in a completely different timezone. Since we always check the portal, we will receive the update sooner rather than later, and we don’t need to worry about finding a time that works for everyone. 

The Ability to See Your Schedule and Any Changes

When we are renovating your home, we will always have a pretty good gauge on what exactly is on the schedule in general, but with Buildertrend, we know exactly where we want to be and when. For our homeowners, Buildertrend also offers this, which grants us a great opportunity to clearly communicate exactly what we will be doing from one day to the next.

“Today is toilet day!”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Oh, sorry. I saw on Buildertrend that the new toilet and tub will be installed today.”

Though you might be counting down the days until the renovation is complete purely out of excitement, we don’t expect you to know what we are working on and when. Fortunately, Buildertrend allows you to stay informed by granting you immediate access to the exact same schedule that we use. This means that you will know what days we are working on different projects, which can be kind of fun and exciting. It also means that if we have detailed out any points of concern for scheduling during our discovery phase, we can all stay informed and know what to expect.

You Can Be a Part of the Process

Back in the day, homeowners didn’t get too much of a chance to be a part of the overall renovation process. There was kind of this awkward point between where we settled on an idea and the final product that left homeowners just wondering what was going on, and we didn’t like that. We have always tried to keep our clients informed on our process, but with Buildertrend, you can truly be a part of the process. 

What makes Buildertrend so exciting is the opportunity to sit down and make the renovation process more collaborative. We love hearing what you think and how excited you are, and we want to make that as easy as possible. For us, this system is the perfect solution. Now, you can come along for the ride and learn more about the work that is being done in your home.

What Does Buildertrend Offer Construction Teams?

Though we do love everything that Buildertrend offers our clients, we are also really excited about everything that it offers our team. Like you, we have a lot to gain from this centralized system, and we have used it to refine our process in several different ways.

More Effective Project Management

Buildertrend is a construction management system, which really means that it is just a construction-specific project management system—and we have a lot to gain from it. Traditionally, we would need to rely on different systems, little notes, emails, and phone calls to keep everything organized for a project. The truth is that renovations take a lot, and they have a lot of moving parts that can be difficult to manage. Buildertrend is a wonderful solution for this.

“Alright, this renovation is going to take three specialized teams and supplies from eight different distributors.”

“Let’s get it all put into Buildertrend so everyone can stay on the same page.”

We love Buildertrend because it empowers us to consolidate everything that we need to know about a project in one simple space. Instead of relying on different areas for notes and communication, it all goes into Buildertrend. Everything pertaining to your renovation is entered into the system, which means that everyone is always on the same page. It keeps us organized and informed, and it helps us to share all of that with you. 

A Clear and Accessible Schedule

Scheduling is always a point of concern for construction projects purely because we want to make sure that you can enjoy your renovation sooner rather than later. When we schedule for renovations, there is more to it than simply highlighting what days we show up and go to work. Our schedules can be influenced by a variety of different factors, and Buildertrend helps us to stay on top of it.

Given the nature of the renovations that we work on, we have a lot to consider. There are different arrival dates for products, different teams, and different orders that must be followed to get a renovation done as quickly as possible. We put all of this into Buildertrend so everyone can easily sign-in and know exactly what is going on—even you!

A Consistent Opportunity to Communicate Directly with Clients

When you work in the construction space, there is a lot of pressure to always provide the best possible service, and we thrive under this pressure. The truth is that we love what we do, and it is very exciting for us to hear that you are happy with the way things are going. We don’t want to pester you for feedback or make calls to check in because we know that not everyone wants that. Buildertrend allows us to get what we want while giving you your space at the same time. 

“We’ve put in the new tile in the bathroom. I’ll let the clients know that they can go check it out. They’re going to be so excited!”

It is easy for communication to be lost across different mediums. Emails can get missed. Phone calls might not work due to timing. With Buildertrend, the time element is completely removed. You can communicate with us on your time, and we always have one simple place to check when we want to hear what you think. This is a hands-off method of communication that we think serves everyone very well. 

Easy Invoicing in One Location

Invoicing can be a pain no matter what industry you are in, and a lot of companies have spent years grappling with a lack of consistency with invoicing. Though invoicing systems do exist, they are just one more thing to manage when you work with a standalone option. Fortunately, we run all invoicing through Buildertrend so we can always stay on top of it.

Expense Tracking

In addition to general invoicing, Buildertrend has a long list of financial tools that are designed to help us stay on top of our every expense. We can manage budgets, stay on top of purchase orders, process payments, and even manage our bids. All of these features being in one place allows us to manage them more easily, which means that we can spend more time working on improving our craft.

A System to Log and Manage Change Orders

Change orders don’t always happen, but when they do, they require a few key alterations to the overall process. Buildertrend supports our change orders and gives us a centralized space to communicate with you about them. When you ask us to make a change, we will always enter it into Buildertrend so that you can sign in and approve what we have agreed to. It’s just one more system check to ensure that we stay on the same page.

“We know you guys did not love that paint color, so we drafted up the change order and put it into Buildertrend. Once you approve it, we can keep going!”

“Sounds great! I’ll go approve it right now.”

The Takeaway

When we see an opportunity to innovate that we believe will help us to serve you better, we like to take it. Using Buildertrend has simplified how we do business and given us the power to involve our clients in the process more than ever, and that is something that we really value. We know that Buildertrend helps us, and we can’t wait to see how it helps you to feel like a part of your renovation too!

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