5 Top Trends for Your Kitchen in 2022

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The new year is almost here. These are the top trends that you will want to consider for your kitchen remodel.

With the new year just around the corner, homeowners around the world are wondering what they can do to improve their spaces in 2022. If a kitchen remodel is a part of your New Year New Me plan, you are probably ready to dive in and find the right design for your brand-new kitchen.

“I’m looking for a trendy new kitchen remodel, but I don’t know anything about design.”

“Don’t worry. We can help with that. Let’s talk through the trends we’ve been seeing—and where we expect them to go!”

No one understands trending quite like general contractors—at least in the kitchen remodel space. Every year, we see what is becoming more popular, and what investments homeowners are making. This gives us a pretty unique insight into growing trends, and it also means that we have a great idea regarding what is going to be popular in the new year. Read on to learn how to stay ahead of the trends in the upcoming year.

A Concealed Kitchen Concept

Concealed kitchens are one of the newly popular concepts that we love—at least in theory. A concealed kitchen is a kitchen that offers a perfect minimalistic look by keeping everything behind cabinetry and panels rather than leaving it all out in the open. This completely uniform look is absolutely stunning, and it is really easy to see why people like it.


“It’s all so continuous. I love how clean these designs look!”

“They are a gorgeous option, no doubt. People love them—but there is more to consider.”

With a concealed kitchen, you get the best of both worlds. Your kitchen will have that seamless contemporary look that is impossible not to love. It is the easiest way to get that perfect photo-ready kitchen that you can show off on Instagram. Microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more can all be tucked away behind paneling that matches the surrounding cabinets.


What makes this design so special is that it offers a sort of timeless rarity that is a lot more likely to hold its value. With this style, even if your appliances are outdated, the look will still stand—and that can be wonderful for future sales. It also excels here because it is such a rare look that is just guaranteed to stand out.

“Alright, I’m really interested in this design. How does it fit into our budget?”

“Well… You can definitely invest in this design, but it is going to push your budget a bit. All of these fancy features do come at quite a high price.”

If it’s growing in popularity, you might be wondering why this concept is so rare. The answer is simple: price. While these kitchens can provide an absolutely gorgeous look, they also come at a really high price point. This one choice alone can drive up the cost to remodel homes for you. Since you’re paying for additional customized materials, the price can go up really quickly. Of course, if it fits your budget, it is probably a really good investment. Some even consider seeking out financing for home remodels to go that extra mile.

Handleless Doors and Drawers

From what we can tell, the look for 2022 is sleek. Everyone wants that smooth and polished look that is so popular on social media—and HGTV loves to push these looks as well. It’s easy to see why—these designs look absolutely amazing. You might not be able to swing for a full concealed kitchen, but handleless doors and drawers will certainly take you that much closer.

“Wait—you mean I don’t need to be at constant risk of slamming my hip into the handles when I’m zipping around to make breakfast?”

“Generally, we recommend these because of their minimalistic appearance—but you might get more out of this change than the average person…”

This style has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it does a great job of blending old and new. These cabinets often provide the same features that homeowners know and love, like a soft close and traditional European hinges—but they add a little bit more. You know,  by taking something away.


Rather than relying on handles, these cabinets and drawers are equipped with some kind of alternate. The most popular option right now is the simple finger pull approach. This means that there will be a clearly defined area where you can place your fingers and simply pull the door or drawer open. It’s a subtle change, but it drastically improves the appearance of your kitchen by offering that uninterrupted design. Beyond finger pull options, some homeowners opt for doors and drawers that open by being pushed, then pulled. It is all about preference.


Earth and Stone

Throughout 2021, it became fairly clear that homeowners were going absolutely wild for natural materials, and it doesn’t look like that is changing anytime soon. This trend has been growing with time, and we think it will be at an all-time high in 2022. 

“I love an all-natural look. What can we do to make that possible?”

“Earth and stone are the answer that you are looking for—and they are incredibly popular. Let me show you some of the colors and textures that we offer.”

There are a lot of things to love about earth and stone materials, and they have definitely been popular historically, but the interest is growing. We’re seeing more of a push for warm earthy countertops, earthy cabinets with natural wood designs, and more of a general interest in organic kitchens. 


It is pretty clear that as more time passes, more of us are pushing towards natural alternatives and sustainability, and home design is no different. People love the look and feel of these earthy textures, like stained concrete countertops and rustic wooden cabinets. It provides a very comforting look that can highlight any space.

“Nature never goes out of style!”

The real benefit of investing in these kinds of countertops is the fact that they are remarkably neutral—and that is why everyone really loves them. These natural elements often come with neutral color schemes like tans, browns, soft grays, and more. Though you can certainly opt for flashier colors, the real power of this design is in its neutrality.

“Will these options hold their value well?”

“They generally do because they are neutral enough to be appreciated by most people—and they can withstand years of use too.”

When you are considering moving or selling your home, you want to keep your investments timeless. This is something that is offered by these materials. Their neutral colors and the materials themselves are more likely to offer a clean, look that will remain popular across generations. This means that even after years have gone by, your kitchen should work in your favor as an investment for future sales.


Statement Hoods

Statement hoods are an area of unique interest in kitchens for a couple of reasons, and it seems very likely that more homeowners will continue to make these investments in the year ahead. We believe that these hoods are going to be a popular choice for a couple of different reasons.

“I love the minimalistic design, but I want a touch of… I don’t know… daring?”

“If you want a bold touch to balance the simplicity of your design, I have two words for you: statement hoods.”

In general, statement hoods can offer a great kitchen addition. These hoods can add a touch of luxury design to any space, all while blending seamlessly into the overall design. For a long time, these hoods were primarily seen in high-end spaces, but they have now become a new kind of normal in kitchen design.


The real power of statement hoods is present when we consider these other trends. Statement hoods can pair really well with these more neutral and minimalistic designs that are becoming so popular. It adds a bit of flourish to an otherwise unassuming space, acting as a great focal point. Your eyes will automatically be drawn to the hood when you enter, and this can be a really good thing if you go with the right design.


“I love the look of statement hoods—but what about the design? What are my options?”

“Literally everything. Let’s look through some samples.”

For 2022, we are expecting a growing interest in more distinct statement hoods. These hoods can be stylized using solid surface materials to blend seamlessly into the overall design—but they don’t have to. More people are pushing towards metal and steel accents, which can maintain that minimalistic feel while also adding a little extra flair to breathe more life into your design. These can be made in a variety of ways, making it possible for you to define it by your own standards and choose a look that draws exactly the right amount of attention.


Open Shelving

Open shelving is something that a lot of general contractors feel one way or the other about, but there is no disputing the fact that homeowners absolutely love them. Spurred on by Instagram accounts and a constant push from HGTV, more people are choosing this kind of feature for their kitchens. We understand why people love them, but investing in open shelving does come with a few key considerations.

“I saw these open shelves on HGTV, and I am obsessed!”

“They do look really nice…especially on the set of a show.”

“Everything looks so clean and open. I love that!”

People appreciate open shelving because of the look, and this does not come as a surprise. We love seeing them in photos. These shelves clearly offer a great and clean appearance in these staged images. They can allow you to showcase your favorite cookware or add little designer details to make your kitchen come alive—but it is important to be realistic about this decision.

“I have to have these shelves. I’m working on cooking more, and I just know that they will inspire me to do more.”

“Well, the reality of the experience might be a little different. These shelves might make you want to cook more, but they also come with more work in general.”

“Wait, what?”

“These shelves are a huge commitment, and they will create extra work for you.”

Though open shelving does offer a really great look, it is really more of a model home feature. When you first use them, we have no doubt that you will agonize over the design and make it look absolutely perfect. The trouble comes after this. These shelves look great, but they really don’t work well as a functional home feature. Homeowners often find themselves investing in entirely new cookware, and they can be less forgiving of cookware that has seen a little more “love” in the home.


Having all of your materials on display can look nice at first, but as you begin to use them, you will see the problem. Too often, these shelves end up cluttered and messy—and something as simple as washing your dishes can leave your shelves looking awkward and barren depending on what you use them for. They require constant dusting, which will force you to remove everything and then put it all back up. All of this is fine as long as you are aware of this in advance and are prepared for the ongoing workload that comes with owning them and keeping them looking nice.


The Takeaway

When you invest in a kitchen remodel, you should make choices that give you that dream look. These trends are popular options that more homeowners are leaning towards, but that doesn’t mean that they are your only option. Working with our team of home remodel contractors, you will learn that we want you to receive the kitchen that you want, whether it is mirroring something you saw online or helping you to create a custom look that is all your own. Already, our slots are filling up, so don’t hesitate to reach out to learn how our team can help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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