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A Bathroom To Fit Your Needs And Feed Your Senses

For many of us the bathroom is the second most important room in a house. Who doesn’t love a quick, refreshing shower? Or maybe a hot, bubble bath to blow off some steam.

Whether you’re planning for kids or looking forward to retirement, your bathroom should fit your needs at every stage of life.

Get rid of the once-stylish, now-outdated vanities and transform your bathroom into a luxury space you can enjoy day by day.

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel

Where Bathroom Functionality Meets Style

A remodeling should make your bathroom more efficient, more beautiful, and increase your comfort. If you want to turn your bathroom into your very own spa, we can help you achieve that look and feel.

Here are some of the most practical bathroom upgrades homeowners like you are getting:


A Highly Functional And Gorgeous Bathroom In 3 Easy Steps

Our main focus here at KHB is to offer an unmatched customer experience. Our years of experience have helped us to create a series of standard operating procedures that streamline the whole remodeling process for you. This helps you stay updated and on top of the changes we make to your house, and guarantee a final result you’ll love.

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1. Phone Consultation

The first step is to send us a few pictures of your current bathroom, along with photos of how you’d like it to look. We’ll go over the details on a phone call and schedule the in-home consultation.

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2. We Get To Work

After all the details are set, we’ll give you an estimate and set you up in our project management software. You’ll be able to oversee every step of your bathroom remodel in real time.

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3. Enjoy Your Bathroom

Now that your bathroom is functional, practical, and beautiful, enjoy it to the fullest every day. Dim the lights and relax in your new bathroom any time you like.

Pricing For Every Budget And Every Style

Bathroom Transformation Prices

Custom Vanity

Bathroom Design Consultation


INCLUDES: 2 hour design consultation; Material sourcing; Personal shopping; Floor plan and detailed proposal.

Custom Vanity

Bathroom Design with 3D Render


INCLUDES: 2 hour design consultation; Material sourcing; Personal shopping; Floor plan and detailed proposal; Complete 3D design render.

Bathroom Remodel

Base Bathroom Transformation*


Remodeling of a smaller bathroom, with new vanities, tiles, etc.


Average Bathroom Transformation*


Remodeling of a master bathroom, with new vanities, tiles, etc.

Bathroom Remodel

High-End Bathroom Transformation*


Remodeling of a large master bathroom with double sinks, custom shower and bathtub, his and her shower heads, heated floors, and more.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your square footage, choice of materials, appliances, and finishes. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique bathroom after the in-house consultation.

Bathroom Transformation Gallery

We’ve put together a variety of projects and ideas so you can be inspired by different designs and styles. If you find one design that speaks to you, make sure to mention it during our phone consultation. Together we’ll fine-tune every detail until it perfectly fits your home and style. Browse the gallery below to find inspiration for your own dream bathroom.

Our Happy Customers Say...

At KHB Construction we put your priorities first in every aspect of our work.


KHB Construction and Ryan Kelly built us 4 custom free-standing stained redwood fence panels!

Ryan worked with us through the entire process to ensure the fence panels matched our vision. Thank you and we love them!!

Ryan Stephens

We removed a window air conditioner from the wall, after patching up the hole we needed the wall textured. We were lucky enough to find Ryan. He did a very professional job. He was on time, took care in his work and the wall looks great! Our latest job was redoing the siding on an old addition to the house. A call to Ryan took care of everything. Again on time, brought it all up to code, we would recommend KHB Construction for any project you might have.

Barbara Rose-King


Very professional great work & great customer service!!! I highly recommend KHB construction!!

Josie Rick Clifford

Great work and customer service! I recommend KHB Construction.

Susan Miranda Pimentel

Transform Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Place That Adds Comfort To Your Life