Material Delays—What They Are, and What They Mean for You

Material Delays

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When you make the decision to invest in a home transformation, chances are that you want it sooner rather than later. At the point where you know that a brand new room is going to be built, waiting can be really hard. Unfortunately, homeowners are learning that wait times are higher than they might expect at the moment. 

“I was hoping to get my renovation done in a couple of months, but I heard that this might not be possible. Is that a problem with your company?”

“No, this problem is impacting our entire industry—and several others too. Material delays are a big point of concern, but let’s talk through it. We have a few solutions that can help.”

In order to complete a home transformation, your construction team needs to have the right materials. It is fairly difficult to make a new space without them—and that is where problems are starting to arise. Material delays are excessive right now, and that might just cause trouble for your next remodel.

Material Delays Are Here

Materials play a prominent role in any home renovation, so shipping delays can be a pretty big concern. Unfortunately, we are now at a point where material delays are not just likely—they should be expected. 

“Whoa, I did not realize that shipping delays are happening around the world. Is it really that hard to get products to their destination?”

As much as we wish that there was a way to wave a magic wand and make your materials just appear, the fact is that shipping around the world is hindered right now, and it is causing some serious delays. These delays are impacting home renovations in a big way.

“Maybe we should just skip the renovation…”

“Let’s talk through it. You will find that it is just a pain point, not a reason to skip the renovation completely.”

Does this mean that you can’t have your dream remodel? Of course not. It just means that there are a few things to consider. 

It is Okay to Be Frustrated

Frustration is a completely acceptable emotion when you are facing material delays. We understand—it is frustrating for us too. We feel for our homeowners that need to put their renovations on hold because of shipping delays. The good news is that we are doing everything that we can to help.

What We Can Do to Mitigate Timelines

With these delays, timing is a big point of concern. No one wants to wait to get their dream renovation, and we don’t want to wait to carry them out either. That is why we have taken active steps to ensure that we can move the timeline along. 

“I thought that nothing could be done about the delays?”

“That is true in some cases, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take steps to move the timeline up despite this change.”

As contractors, we can take our own steps to simplify the process, but we also need a little help from you. Though we may not be able to force the materials to ship faster, homeowners and contractors can work together in order to ensure that everything else goes as quickly as possible.

Being Honest About Delays

At KHB Construction, we believe that our first step will always be to be open and honest with our clients. By being honest with everyone about these delays, we create a space that allows us to make a faster timeline in every way that we can.

“We received an update on your materials—and it is good news!”

Communication is how problems like this get resolved. We actively communicate with our distributors, and we always keep homeowners informed regarding the status of their materials. The last thing that we want is for you to feel like you are waiting indefinitely for your materials. Talking it through with you is how we can make a plan that will help move things along as fast as we can.

Handling All Material In-House

One active step that we are taking is to keep as many materials as possible in-house. As you might expect, we cannot do this with everything. However, we have a good gauge on what everyday products we use for the majority of renovations, and our team can invest in those products in advance.

“Once your specialty materials arrive, we are good to go!”

“I can’t wait!”

By keeping popular tools and products in-house, we are able to ensure that you don’t end up waiting over something simple. Some items get used in every job, so we keep those in our personal storage so that it is always available. Getting ahead of this allows us to limit how many products we ultimately end up waiting on. 

It would be nice to be able to keep everything in-house, we know. Unfortunately, this just isn’t an option because homeowners are too creative. There isn’t a great way for construction teams to guess what homeowners will want. Materials for flooring, cabinets, and sinks can all change from one house to the next. In this case, it does leave us at the mercy of some of these delays—but it also means that you can receive your dream renovation.

Asking Our Homeowners Not to Purchase Their Own Materials

As we mentioned, we are not alone in our quest to make sure that the timeline goes as quickly as possible. Our homeowners can also play a key role by making the decision not to purchase their own materials. 

“It looks like this material can be here next week.”

“You might not be getting the product that you think you are—and don’t be surprised if they end up significantly delayed.”

Every once in a while, homeowners get the idea that purchasing their own materials is better than going through us. We’ve covered the problems that can arise with making this decision, but materials delays have introduced a brand new one. It can slow things down even more.

Support a Faster Timeline for Us

There are several reasons that we ask our homeowners not to purchase their own materials, but with these shipping delays, we mean it more than ever. The last thing that you will want is for us to be waiting on your materials, which will likely have worse shipping rates than they would if we purchased them.


As contractors, we work directly with people who sell to professionals specifically. It is a business arrangement that allows us access to better products and expedited turnaround times. At this point, expediting isn’t as good as it has been in the past—but it is still better than nothing. Allowing us to purchase the materials for you helps us to create a faster timeline.

What is Going on With These Shipping Delays?

When homeowners learn that we are experiencing extreme shipping delays, they can find themselves wondering what is going on. Obviously, this delay is not standard for us. Shipping has always taken time, but the delays are much higher than normal right now. 

“So what is going on here? Did pirates steal my cabinets? Are aliens after my flooring? Is it the Bermuda Triangle?”

“Not exactly.”

If reading this has made you wonder what is causing these delays, you are not alone. Most people want to know what has led to this bothersome change, and the answer isn’t what you might expect. Theories can be fun, but the answer here is pretty simple.

There Isn’t a Shortage

Upon hearing about our shipping delays, most people assume that the delay is being caused by a shortage. While that is often the case when shopping online, that is not the case with renovation materials—or a lot of other products on the market.

“Did all of our neighbors buy up our cabinets?”

“Oh, no. There are plenty of cabinets.”


The materials are there—and contractors are not the only ones that are being influenced by these problems. The companies making and selling these products are also running into trouble. They have the products, and we want the products, but that doesn’t mean that it is that simple. The problem is in getting the products from the distributor to our team.

Logistics Are Creating Problems

All around the world, logistics are creating big problems when it comes to shipping. We are not the only industry being impacted by this, but we are an industry that is highly dependent upon shipping for the work that we do, so it is more prominent.

“Wait, so my new flooring is just sitting on a boat?”

“Most likely.”

While we love to offer our homeowners exciting materials from top distributors, the fact remains that we still need to get those materials. Right now, materials are being hung up in ports and stuck out on the ocean. This means that they take more time to get to us. 

What You Can Do

Our team will always do everything that we can to move things along as quickly as possible, but there are a couple of key steps that you can take as the homeowner to help things along. We know and understand how frustrating it can be to wait, but with the right steps, you can help us push the timeline up in a way that works for both of us.

“You’re not going to suggest that I go rob a boat, are you?”

“Definitely not—but now that you mention it…”

Get Ahead of the Game

The best thing that you can do as a homeowner is getting ahead of the game if you plan to invest in a renovation. The earlier you can start planning, the better. At this point, we have homeowners who are actively prepping for renovations as far out as next July!

“So if I want a renovation next year, I should start planning now?”

“Exactly. This will ensure that you don’t even feel the delays.”

A home renovation will always take some time, but these changes are notable. If you have been on the fence about investing in a home renovation, it is definitely time to pick a side. Homeowners that do want a renovation will want to start making plans as soon as possible in order to get that renovation moving along.

“I guess I found my reason to jump in and commit to my new master bathroom.”

“That’s the spirit!”

Planning in advance allows homeowners to give us good notice on what we need to order. This means that if you want a renovation next summer, you should let us know now. With this approach, you will not feel the same wait times because we can actually account for that in advance in a lot of cases.

Talk to Your Contractor

You might be interested in a future renovation but unclear about how to get started. That is fine, and there are plenty of homeowners who feel this exact same way. So, if you want to learn what you can and start to make a plan of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local contractor directly. The sooner you talk with us, the sooner we can help you to create a timeline. If you wait, you will find that you end up waiting quite a bit longer in the end.

“I would like to get my modern bathroom before I’m too old to enjoy it. What can we do?”

“Let’s talk through your needs and get the ball rolling!”

The Takeaway

Home renovations are exciting, and everyone wants them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, factors beyond our control are increasing those timelines. It isn’t what any of us wants—and we are frustrated with it too—but the best thing that we can all do is communicate and make a plan so you can enjoy your home renovation as soon as possible. A little bit of discovery work can go a long way, so make the call and get your renovation started today!

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