3 Tips For Custom Cabinets

3 Tips On Custom Cabinets

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Custom cabinets can provide an experience that is tailored to your needs—here’s what you need to know.

Getting new cabinets is always an exciting part of a home renovation, but it isn’t always as simple of a choice as you might think. Most homeowners assume that aesthetics are the biggest point of focus when selecting cabinets, but that is actually only the start.

“I’ve been thinking about getting new cabinets with the kitchen remodel, but I’m not quite sure where to start. It seems like there is a lot I don’t know.”

“It is true that the world of cabinets has gotten quite a bit bigger in recent years, but don’t worry. We will help you to learn how to choose cabinets that you will love.”

Before you decide on your custom cabinets, there are a few key considerations that you will want to look into. By considering every aspect of the available custom cabinetry offerings, you can invest in cabinets that suit your wants, your needs, and your style.

The Look of the Cabinet

The place where most homeowners begin in their cabinet search is all about the style that it will bring to a space. Given how much room cabinets take up in a bathroom or kitchen, it makes sense that most of us would prefer to have a cabinet that looks nice and blends well with the room.

“I’ve saved probably 10,000 pictures of cabinets on Instagram—and I think that I finally know what I want.”

“These cabinets all have different features, and you will need to pick specific features for your cabinets. Let’s learn more about what you like in each design.”

Homeowners often look for the color schemes that they want to consider, and this is sometimes determined by the materials that are involved. Of course, there is a lot more to cabinets than just their color and materials. The real power of custom cabinets is in the design of these cabinets themselves. Cabinets often have different design features available that can have a huge impact on the way that they look.

Face Frame Cabinet

Cabinets with a face frame will have a notable surrounding barrier that outlines the drawers and cabinet doors themselves. Think of this as a sort of border that travels around the overall forward-facing cabinet design. Though this is a simple cosmetic addition, plenty of homeowners like the more polished and traditional look that comes with it.

Frameless and Inset Cabinets

Most modern kitchens and bathrooms rely on frameless or inset cabinets to complete the look. As you might expect, frameless cabinets are cabinets that travel to the very edge of the system itself. Unlike their framed counterparts, there is no clearly defined border running around the outside.

“I absolutely love how smooth and sleek these cabinets are. It looks so futuristic!”

“You’ve got a great eye. Inset cabinets are one of the most popular choices that are available for cabinets today.”

Insets are a big favorite in modern design because they provide a flat and polished look that homeowners cannot get enough of. With these cabinets, rather than resting against the outer barrier of the cabinets, doors and drawers will actually press into the overall design itself, creating a flat surface where only the handles will stick out. 

Not only does this offer that picture-perfect modern home look, but it also stays out of the way when compared to traditional cabinets. With the flat design, these cabinets are more subdued—but the look itself really stands out!

How Do You Want Them to Function?

Functionality is a huge consideration when you are investing in custom cabinets. If you go back a few decades, cabinets really were a sort of you-get-what-you-get situation, but those days are certainly behind us now. Modern cabinets can come with all kinds of options that influence their functionality.

“I feel like some cabinets are so great, but other cabinets are kind of the worst. What’s the deal with that?”

“You’re probably thinking about how cabinets function—and there are a few different features that can influence how this all plays out. Don’t worry, we will make sure that you love the feel of your new cabinets.”

The basic functionality of a cabinet will follow the ways that its core features work. For drawers and doors, this can look a little different. It really all comes down to what is involved with how these components work during regular use.

The Glide System

When we look at drawers, the most common functional component is the glide system. This is a big one. Glide systems are responsible for allowing the drawer to open and close during use. If you live in a home that has outdated drawers, you might be feeling the pains of them every day. Some of the older glide systems have been retired—and with good reason. Older systems are known to fail or even break, leaving homeowners frustrated.

“My current cabinets are constantly falling off the track, and I can’t stand it. Is there any way we can make sure that doesn’t happen?”

“Of course. Most of us don’t like having to constantly pull out a drawer to reset it just so we can grab a pen. You’ll be glad to know that those systems are officially out of style, and there are some great modern replacements!”

Modern glide systems are a work of art. These powerful systems make it possible for your drawers to glide in and out, and if you’re coming from one of those older systems, you won’t believe the difference. 

“It’s so smooth!”

“Yeah! That’s how modern glide systems work.”

There are two prominent kinds of glide systems: side and undermount. Side mounts provide a smooth opening and can be great for most drawers. With that being said, they are also more prone to breaking and can end up needing to be replaced.

Undermount systems, on the other hand, are located on the bottom of each drawer, and they are a very strong and sturdy fit. These mounts tend to work better and last longer. You will find these mounts in the majority of modern cabinets because they are just a nicer fit.

“These drawers never clatter when you close them. I really could’ve used these when I was making snacks in the middle of the night back in high school!”

Regardless of which system you choose, soft-close, which allows your drawers to quietly glide shut, is a standard feature that you can ask for.

The Door Hinges

Doors themselves can sometimes influence the functionality that comes with them, and it almost always comes down to door hinges. Depending on the type of door that you choose, you will find that the hinges often change to accommodate them. However, the soft-close hinge is the most popular option. In some cases, you can add soft-close features to other doors as needed.

“I’ll be honest, I’m really not sure about the different hinges.”

“That’s fine. Not everyone has an opinion on them.”

Most homeowners don’t reflect too hard on the hinges behind their doors, but it might be in your best interest to try them out. Having cabinets that look nice won’t be nearly as pleasant if you don’t like the way that they open and close. 

Being aware of your options can help you to receive the perfect cabinet set rather than a set that only meets some of your preferences. When in doubt, ask your renovation team or head over to your local hardware store to learn more.

What Do You Want to Do Inside the Cabinets?

There was a point in time where cabinets were fairly lackluster. Back then, it was good enough to make a cabinet set that had genuine craftsmanship and looked nice. Really, that was just phase one. The people who are making incredible cabinet sets are hard at work to provide a wonderful experience for you.

“I can get cabinets with interior upgrades?”

“Absolutely. There are all kinds of great ways to improve your system and how you use it.”

The good news is that they have already had a bit of time to improve the world of cabinets, and you might not be aware of just how amazing modern cabinets can be. These cabinets are designed to spoil homeowners and can be altered to provide the perfect experience that will meet your needs and help to support your flow whether you are cooking or getting ready in the morning.

Drawers with Power

One of the most helpful new features being offered in modern cabinets is the addition of power supplies to drawers. With this upgrade, you can fit your drawers with outlets so you can plug everything in. Anything from an electric toothbrush to a hairdryer can be charged inside of these drawers, allowing you to keep the clutter away from your counters. 

Storage in Drawers

Another exciting addition for drawers is the available storage options. These options might vary depending on the drawers that you select, but having built-in storage can be a game-changer for anyone looking to have a little more control over their cabinets. 

“I am obsessed with how easy these systems make it to organize my stuff.”

“Let’s look at the tiered storage options.”

Rather than filling your cabinets with the cheap plastic bins that most of us use to add storage, you can include storage options right out of the gate. This might mean adding shelves into deeper drawers or adding in systems to give multiple tiers. There are all kinds of simple organization options available that can help keep your personal space nice and tidy.

Function in Cabinets

Cabinets have also received a recent upgrade that allows them to add more functionality for the convenience of homeowners. For a purely cosmetic change, we can add in a false front to cover plumbing under the sink, leaving your cabinets looking much nicer than the standard setup.

“I have always hated the way that those bulky pipes look.”

“Good news. We can fix that.”

Of course, there is one area in cabinets where function and design come together, and that is storage. You can add storage options that will allow you to drastically improve how things look under your cabinet, but storage isn’t just there to make things look nice—it also provides a wonderful functional addition to any space by helping you to more easily access your items.

“You mean I can just bring my pots and pans to me instead of climbing into the cupboard?”

“That’s right! All you have to do is pull right here, and they will slide right out.”

Rollout storage and shelving is one of the more popular available options that can be used to improve any cabinets. These shelves are fitted to a track and can easily be pulled out to offer you more access to your items. Rather than getting on the floor to dig through, you can simply pull the shelf out to gain easy access. 

How Will You Use Your Cabinets?

There are plenty of great ways to upgrade your custom cabinets, and most homeowners choose at least a few upgrades when adding in new cabinets. To make decisions that will provide you decades of happiness, we would highly advise you to consider how you use your cabinets today. 

Find out what your pain points are and see if you can choose customizations that will help. You will always receive a better outcome when you make decisions based on your needs instead of just picking something because it is flashy.

The Takeaway

Cabinets are a prominent addition to any room, and they can help us to have a much better time at home. Choosing cabinets begins with finding a good design that you love the look of, but remember to always keep an eye out for the upgrades that can change how you interact with these rooms. Sometimes the simplest upgrades can have the biggest impact on how you feel about your home!

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