3 Things to Consider When Getting Your Brand-New Shower

Remodeling A Shower

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Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular kinds available, and there are plenty of great things to be excited about with them. One key part of renovating a bathroom generally boils down to getting a new shower. There are countless options available that can help you to customize your shower experience.

“I keep looking at these beautiful spa showers online, and I kind of want one.”

“With the right choices, we can turn your bathroom into your favorite on-site spa!”

To receive the shower that will upgrade your experience while you are getting ready in the morning, you want to consider everything that is available. Let’s explore your options with this crucial part of a bathroom renovation.


Do You Want a Curb or to Go Curbless?

The first consideration when choosing a shower is curbed or curbless. If you’re not totally sure what that means, don’t worry. It’s something that you have probably seen but never really taken note of because there just wasn’t a reason to. Now, there is.

“What does a curbed shower look like? Like a bath?”

“No, there showers just awful a little extra barrier at the base of the shower.”

The distinction between these two types of showers can have implications that you might not consider beyond the aesthetics, which is why it is so important to know what they are. It is true that you can see a visible difference with these kinds of showers. Curbless showers will be completely flush with the floor, while curbed showers will have an added wall of some kind. The height of the curb itself can vary.


As far as aesthetics go, curbless showers are generally believed to be the more appealing of the two. Their flat design and the way that they seamlessly blend into the bathroom like another room is a very modern look that more people are choosing more often. With that being said, this is nothing more than a personal preference. There are no right or wrong answers regarding how these two shower types look.

“I know that curbless looks pretty sleek, but I feel like I’m always going to worry about the water escaping.”

“That’s just fine. You can choose a shower type that suits your needs!”

Though the beauty of the appearance is in the eye of the beholder, the height of a curbed shower can be a key point of concern for homeowners. Most homeowners think in the here and now, but when you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a renovation, you really need to consider what you might require going forward. 

“Well given the cost of this, it seems like we won’t be renovating again for… a decade.”

“The good news is that if you choose a design that suits the future as well as the present, your investment will last much longer!”

Everyone ages differently, and sometimes life throws things at us that we might not expect. In this regard, a curbed shower might not age all that well with you in some circumstances. These showers are more difficult to navigate for the elderly or those who are disabled. The increased potential for accidents is there, so if that is a concern for you, it might be better to go for that smooth and flawless curbless design.

“I like the curbed shower, but I’m supposed to be having that knee surgery within the next couple of years, which might make it more difficult to navigate.”

“It sounds like the curbless shower might suit your future plans a little more.”

Choosing a shower that you can grow with is always very important, so choose wisely. Look to the future, not just the present.


The price of your shower can be influenced by several different factors, and that is always something to consider when you make your choice. The shower is a space that can cost anywhere from $6000 to $20,000—or more, so it is often best to think of where you want your budget to fall on this and how your decisions will influence the overall price.

“I’m thinking we should keep the renovation around $9000.”

“Great. Let’s look at the materials and features that will best suit that budget!”

Installation Process

At KHB Marketing, we like to do the float method of shower installation. We believe that this method yields better results and offers a better final appearance. However, it does also come at a higher price because of the process and materials involved. Opting out of this method might save you some money, but you might not end up with that picture-perfect shower of your dreams either.

Shower Type

The type of shower that you choose will also play a big role in the price, and this is true with every single component of the shower. Curbless showers can be more expensive in certain homes if the existing foundation isn’t there. Additional work might be necessary to create that flat design, so it can cost more in the end—but that isn’t always the case either.


Beyond the type of shower, you will want to consider the components within your shower that can influence your price range. Tile is a big consideration here since the pricing on tile can vary significantly. Some tile is fairly cheap, but other options can be less than forgiving for your wallet. Understanding this and choosing tile that fits within the overall budget is important to avoid spending more than you want to.

“I am loving this tile, but it is so expensive.”

“Let’s look at a few comparable equivalents that don’t cost quite as much.

Shower Systems

Showerheads and systems can also significantly influence the price of a new shower. When you design your shower, you might even be a little surprised to realize what components you can put into your shower. There are showerheads that offer a rainfall effect, removable nozzles that allow you to take the water anywhere, and other fun features like lights or different settings that can improve your shower experience. These items can differ in price, so keep that in mind as you make your decisions.

“We definitely need the detachable showerhead. I am not going back to washing Fido with a bucket.”

“Great consideration. I’ll add that note.”


Accessories and designs in the shower can add some price changes to your investment as well. A larger shower space will generally cost more, but so will a shower space that has additions like an added bench or expensive storage units. These are all decisions that will need to be made, and every single one comes with a price tag.


The best way to end up with a shower that you truly want and will enjoy for years to come is to purchase a shower that suits your functional needs—and this can be tricky, particularly if you haven’t really experienced what is available. Most people grow up around a basic bathroom with few exciting features, so when they realize what is available, they can be fairly shocked. In modern times, your shower can be completely customized to support your every need.

“I want one of those ridiculous HGTV shower bathrooms.”

“We can build that!”

Making the decision based on function will help you to get the perfect shower rather than just a newer version of what you already have. Of course, if you like what you have but just want something a little more modern, that can be arranged too. Consider what you want and allow that to guide your experience.



One key functional consideration is the placement of the valves. Where do you want your valves, and what does that mean for your experience? Right now, a popular option is placing the valves where they can be easily accessed from outside of the shower. It might open you up to being pranked a little more if you have a family that loves to laugh, but it also means that you can turn the shower on and never face the cold water. By the time you enter, it will already be warmed.

“I think we should go for the easily accessible valves, but I’m trusting you not to make me regret this.”

“Don’t be worried about me. Worry about our toddler that is getting just tall enough to grab them.”


The Entrance

How and where you enter your shower is another functional consideration that you will need to embrace. Do you want to have to climb into your shower, or are you just looking to walk right in like you own the place? Is it important that you be able to get a wheelchair up to the shower? Consider what feels best for you, and what will work best going forward.

Showerhead Location

Functionality plays a big role when it comes to the location of the shower, and this can be a deeply personal decision. Some people like to stand in the shower and feel the water just raining down on them like a storm, but others prefer a nice angle—or the ability to move the showerhead to accommodate different angles. 

“I’m begging you—please give me a shower that I can stand to my full height in.”

“Wait a minute! We can’t put it too high. I need to be able to reach it too!”

Height is very important when considering the showerhead location. Tall people know the struggle of having to crouch just to shampoo their hair, but they aren’t the only ones with problems. People who are on the shorter side might find themselves struggles to move their showerheads or even reach them to accommodate their needs. Where you place the showerhead can have a big impact on how pleasant your shower is. Like the valves, your showerhead location can also influence whether or not you have to stand in the cold water before it warms up.

The Door Dilemma

Showers are wonderful for relaxing, but what kind of privacy do you need to relax? Some people like full doors on their shower while others prefer an open design that can be fitted with a curtain or something of that nature. Consider the look, feel, and maintenance of these decisions. Shower doors often require more cleaning to stay nice.

“I’m only going to say this once. If we get the glass doors, they must be wiped down daily.”

“That sounds like a lot of work…”

Seating Areas

Every day, more people are choosing to invest in seating areas within their showers. Benches can offer an added degree of comfort for those who are looking to improve their shower experience. People use benches for exfoliating, shaving, steaming, and just plain relaxing. If it benefits you, this might be a good addition to consider.

“The bench is non-negotiable. I’m so sick of sitting on the cold, hard tile while I shave.”

Storage Options

Most of us know the struggle of showering in a space that offers no shelving areas. That is why there is an entire market for products designed to add shelves to a storage-free shower. Fortunately, you can make the decision to skip the third-party upgrades and simply invest in a design that offers storage. Doing this is a wonderful way to ensure that your shower is comfortable and easy to use by offering you access to all of your favorite products.

“We definitely need shelves in the shower.”

“I don’t think there are enough shelves to hold all of your bath products…”

“Actually, we can add as much storage as you want!”



Considering the fact that showers play a daily role in our lives, it really can be beneficial to invest in a shower that works for you in every way, not just the basic ways. Certain upgrades can increase the price of your shower, but that isn’t always a guarantee. You might be surprised to learn just how much you can add to a shower while staying within a reasonable price range. If nothing else, you can make decisions that ensure that you love your shower in the end, and that is always worth it! If you’re looking to update your living space, our bathroom remodeling services can help.

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